About Pam

Words cannot express the grief and sadness of those who knew and loved Pam Gardner.

Mrs. Pamela J. Gardner unexpectedly passed away on December 29, in Houston Texas, where she lived.  She is survived by her loving husband Brian W. Gardner, sons Matthew Benelli and Troy Gardner, siblings Skip Coffey, Sue Coffey, and Cathy Brandon, and seven nieces and nephews, Ryan, Lexis, Elsa, Jaxon, Regan, Tracy and Derek.

Friends and Family

Pam’s friends and family were her solace.

Pam and Brian at Pam's 50th birthday party (click for larger image)

Pam loved and adored her husband and partner of 20 years, Brian W Gardner. 

Brian, Pam, Troy , Matt Taken 11/02 (click for larger image)

She loved her sons Matt and Troy with all her being as they brought her great joy. 

Whitney attempting to fetch a ball and Pam, Taken 11/05 (click for larger image)

Her dog Whitney protected her and provided companionship for 12 years. 

Photo 1: Christy & Pam taken 11/05, Photo2: Pam Linda and Chuck taken 12/04 (click for larger image)

The "Ya Ya Sister’s" cared for Pam for many years with unfaltering love and support. 

Pam, Skip and Sue taken 11/03 (click for larger image)

Her brother Skip became her greatest ally and “right-hand man.”  She leaves a huge hole in the lives of her sisters and nieces and nephews.

In Life

Pam was born in Palo Alto, Ca to C. Donald Coffey (United Airlines, Captain) and Billie Coffey-Greene, RN and Director of In-flight for Frontier Airlines.  She was raised in Colorado where she learned to play the accordion, sign language, western equestrian riding, and pom-pom dancing.  Pam graduated from CSU with a BS is Spanish.  In her career. She began her life’s work in the airline industry with Pan American out of NYC, Rocky Mtn. Airways, Continental Express and then 11 years with Frontier Airlines.

Pamela Gardner was Vice President of In-flight for Frontier Airlines in Denver, Colorado.  Integrity, responsibility and honesty guided her every move winning respect and admiration from those who met her and worked with her.

Pam was a wonderful dear friend, a sailor, and loved tennis, biking and fitness, and all things involving the sun. She was a voracious reader known for consuming books within the space of a few days, despite her busy schedule.

Pam had a unique presence.  She possessed the ability to draw together human hearts, give them courage and, purpose, and fuel them with energy to succeed. Pam’s humor and wit were endearing:

Some Pam Quotes;

Pam's death was unexpected, swift and relatively painless. She was coherent until the end. She was admitted to the hospital with flu like symptoms and dehydration late Thursday evening, accompanied by a wonderful neighbor who is a Registered Nurse, who ensured Pam recieved the best care possible. Pam passed shortly after due to a blood clot blocking the artery to her heart.

A Memorial Service to celebrate the life of Pamela J. Gardner will be held on January 07, 2006, for more information click on the "service details" link.

Pam’s petite stature and spirit of a giant will never be forgotten, and is sorely missed.